Friday, July 31, 2009

Pink Pretties for a Gooood Cause!

I found these Sweet little Pink Pretties on a etsy site from a Momma that I designed a necklace for. A portion of the profits will go to buy Diapers & formula for orphans in Africa. My Beautiful Grandbaby Girl from Africa will be getting them soon. find them at

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

"Their hope is in our Hands"

That’s how I feel every time I think of The Orphans in Africa, Ethiopia and the All over the World. My Journey and Heart for adoption started The day I met my 2 and 4 year old sons and when David who had just turned 4 said to us as we entered the room “Are you The People that want to be our Parents?” As I looked into his big Brown eyes It was a little scary but still easy to say “YES”. At that point we went from two to four Kiddos under the age of seven!
I also had the privilege to travel to Ethiopia in January of this year with our oldest Daughter and her Family to bring home another Brown eyed Beauty,
Our 14 month Grand baby Girl. I am so Thankful that I was there to see,hear, and smell her roots and never ever forget where she began and how the amazing Ethiopian people were such an inspiration for us. How we as Americans can truly learn from there daily example of how they deeply Love and Treasure each other. How they show affection to each other & openly hold hands as they go about the day to day battles of constantly fighting to feed, clothe and bring water to their Families and almost always with a warm smile to give.
“To Love what I do and feel that it makes a difference-How could I ask for anymore!”
That is how I feel about my Jewelry that I design and Create to help support many non-profits and Families that are Adopting. It is passion with a purpose. My first Love for Jewelry started in High School classes I had taken and I continued to take for several years late in to my adulthood. My father was a Jewelry Designer and My mom was a talented Artist. My parents gave me a desire to want to learn anything new . I really liked designing Jewelry and It became a Deep love for me when I started donating a nice portion of the sales to others.
My Muse are the Orphans that have been given a second chance by incredible People that take the risk to open their Hearts and Love the unloved.
I am touched by The Mom’s that send me Thank you notes & pictures of their little ones and I think of each one as I put a Sweet name or message on the necklace. I love to make a treasure , Something tangible that they can have close to them as they wait for a baby to come home or as a reminder of how they chose to be a Mom and how they Love their children.
The connection between women and my pieces is also something that continues to amaze me. I have had moms connect in line at Disneyland because they were both wearing one of my necklaces. I have also met many wonderful Husbands that want a one of kind piece that will show how much they appreciate their wives and daughters. I have such a Great respect for single Mom’s who make the decision to Adopt Children and sometimes older Children and to do the best that they can to raise them, These people are just some of my Hero’s that drive me each day to be so excited to get to make my Jewelry in my little studio, each piece by hand for someone that I admire and look up to because they have chosen to Be the Change our Children Need, The Hope.
I design Jewelry to help support Children with Aids, Orphans in Africa ,Orphans waiting to be adopted, Women in third world Countries that are starting small businesses, Mother’s that have lost babies, Families that are Adopting all over the world. I have also supported people that are doing missions work and many other groups that have huge Hearts for Children.
As you can see I am so very Thankful that I get to do what I do each day and be part of so many lives that Inspire me.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

World Peas

I am still trying to get the hang of silk screening, I screened this Sweet design on a shirt for my Grand baby.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Treat Jars

I wanted to organize the Treats for Critters and Kiddos. I found these simple glass jars at Target and had these great decals made here. The Birds, Horses, Dogs & Kiddos will appreciate how easily we can get to the Treats!