Monday, January 10, 2011

Giveaway update & But wait- Thats not All.

I have been getting so many emails from "My Moms"(as I so Lovingly call them) & it got me thinking about all the Amazing Family & Friends that have & are Adopting from other places in the World than Africa. If that is you Please enter and I if you are the winner of my Giveaway
I will create a "Love" necklace or Bracelet with a Sweet tiny "Heart" in the place of the teeny
Africa. Being a Adoptive Mom & Grandy of a Super Adorable Ethiopian Beauty, Africa & Adoption is always at the tip top of my Heart. So Please Enter!


Future Mama said...

How sweet!! We are not entirely sure where we are adopting yet, but I love reading posts like this...makes my heart smile :-)

Much love,
Future Mama

tracy hanson said...

Hi Future Mama,
Thank you so so much.

Erica said...

You really are the sweetest Tracy! We love you!!

wsterk said...

oh sweet...but then if I win I may have to keep it for myself instead of giving it to my african-adopting friend. :)

Wendy Sterk

tracy hanson said...

Thank you so much Erica & Wendy!