Sunday, October 31, 2010

Owl Cupcakes-So Super Cute!

After making a couple of treats that didn't turn out for a Halloween Party our small town has every year, At the last minute I got this Great idea from My Daughter to make the Adorable
Owl Cupcakes. I used store bought cakes & all you need is Oreos &reeses pieces.
So simple & such a Big Hit!


Nikki said...

Oh my stars!!! Those are SOOOO cute!!!! I have to make those for my first graders sometime!!! Thanks for sharing!!!!

tracy hanson said...

Hi Nikki,
I think your First Graders would love them too. Thank you so much,

*Overflowing* said...

We are soooo going to make those!!! Thank you for sharing!!!!

Nikki said...

Hi Tracy!
For some reason, I'm unable to find your e-mail address so I'll just post here. My best friend and fellow adoptive mommy loves my necklace that you made for me. I have the "expecting from Africa" pendent with the "Our African Angel" pendent on top of it. Kari comments on it all the time and told her husband that the only thing she wants for Christmas is a necklace made by you. He has put it off, but asked me if I could contact you and find out if there's any way to still get something in time for Christmas.
She adopted 2 children domestically and actually 3 but one was "reclaimed" after being home with Kari and her husband for 5 days!
I once saw a necklace you made and she loved it. It was a rectangle in the back with the words "Faith, Hope, Pray" repeated over and over on the back. In front it had a pendent with her kids' names on it. Kari would like two pendents one for each child and then if they decide to pursue another adoption in the future she could add to it.
I'm hoping that there's still time to get a necklace made, but if not I understand.
Thanks so much Tracy for all you do!!!