Thursday, September 2, 2010

Back to School Blues & Mommy Time.

When My Children were little & School was getting close to start I would always get kinda Down. Not only would i feel the stress of everything we would need to do to get ready & the cost of all the clothes, supplies & fees. I often had anxiety because i loved having them Home with me. I liked being with them and not rushing out to lessons,practices & meetings.
Instead it was the Popsicles, Pools & Dirty Bare feet & the only thing we had scheduled was Fun things to do & Church on Sundays.. I do have to admit when they started reaching the Teen years I did start fantasizing about Year round School!. I always Dreamed of being brave enough to Home school my Kiddos but i never had the nerve. Those Moms have an Amazing Gift & wear Capes ,Halos are the some of the Strongest i know. If you are a stay at home Mom or a Mom working outside the Home & doing double duty, Just remember life can be challenging with or without School make sure to take the time for yourselves. This is coming from a Mom of both Birth & Adopted Kiddos that did not accept offers of Help or take time for herself(Kettle Black). After we adopted a Sibling group and Doubled our Family size overnight, It was nine months before My Hubby and I had a dinner date! Not Healthy I know. Please do what I say & not what I did. I had some kind offers of help but I did not take them. I look back & think how we should have taken more time for us & me. If you are a Friend to a Family that has Adopted Children , Remember that the adjustments for them can be extremely hard. Especially if the Little ones have special needs.
A simple meal or offer of help can make a Big difference. Remember the Children that were already in the Family before. This can be a really tough for them. We took our Girl's out
on special dates to spend time with them alone. Because we Choose to Adopt, When we
have challenges others sometimes don't understand what we are going through. Remember
How important it is to take care of Yourself, Take up offers of Help & say Yes to others.
Here are my Top 10 ideas to help Adoptive familes:
1.Bring them Meals. (don't ask just Do)-
2.Dinner Gift certificates-( everyone loves Pizza on a Crazy night)
3.Offer to run errands. (Pick kids up, Grocery store. ect.)
4.Take the other Kids out for Fun- (a win win for everyone)
5.Take Mommy out for a Mani or Pedi or Dad out for a Guy thing.
6.Offer to do Cleaning or Hire a Cleaning service to come in for her.
7.Invite them over to your House for dinner or just to hang out.
8. Have a Shower for them, even if the Kids they adopted are Older.(they often need more)
9. Support the Adoption Financially if at all possible-Adoption is very expensive & can add a large Burden to the finances.
10. Love & support them. Open your ears & Heart to them. Listen to them when times are tough(even when you don't understand & you are thinking they were Crazy to Adopt kids with so many Challenges) Don't judge them. Be There when they need you & Most of all LOVE the
Kids with all your Heart & Soul. Be the Hero for that Family!