Wednesday, March 31, 2010

If Only I were Oprah

I would make everyone a Winner. My Beautiful G-Baby Girls were so excited to draw the 3 Winners of my new Haiti necklace designs. The winners are Madeline Curtis, Rachel( She Dabbles Blog) & Marion.
congrats to all of you!


Marian said...

Eeeeee! Wow! Thanks, Tracy (and g-babies)!

Now I need to decide between selfishness and giving this to another mom I know who will love it... agh! =)
I love your work. So glad to see Maddy's name there, too.

Wow! Thank you, again!

tracy hanson said...

So very Welcome Marion-You happy happy for you all!

Rach said...

YEAH! What do I do next? :)

tracy hanson said...

Winners can email me at:

sea salt MOSAIC said...


Erica said...

Hooray for the winners!!!