Thursday, November 19, 2009

New Necklace Giveaway!!!

One of my Moms is doing a Blog giveaway. It is my brand new design-The Ethiopian Angel Wing
Visit her blog to enter here- GoOd LuCk GoOd LuCk GoOd LuCk !!!!


Jim and April said...

i just found your blog and beautiful jewelry as the Lord is starting to put Africa on my heart for adoption after many years of trying and four miscarriages, He has opened my eyes to the truth that He has my children in another country! At least our first! We are still in the very beginning/seeking/praying processes of it but already my heart cannot stop thinking about Africa! I have asked for your africa necklace with the heart in the middle for christmas from my dear husband! you have such a beautiful talent and its great what your doing with it! Hope you dont mind that I subscribed to you!