Thursday, September 3, 2009

Mini Decorating!

No this is not my House, It is a Sweet little cottage for my G-Babies! When I found out my daughter was having a Girl I started on the search and found it on Craigslist. We had to have it craned out of the sellers yard and put into ours. It was painted in many bright colors inside & out. I painted it to match our house in Greens, reds & black.. We have oodles of Fun with allot of Silliness & many Tea party's inside.

A mini sofa I got at a tag sale and had it reupholstered in Faux Leather.
A damask wall decal and 2 white Bird sconces are hung above the sofa.

A iron Headboard I put in the mini loft upstairs. When the Girls get a little older we will hang the ladder back up.
Black & white damask window topper trimmed in red & Mini art framed in Black. A vintage black,white & red oven and stove filled with kitchen items to create many delightful Goodies. We also have the fridge too. It's filled with all kinds of play treats from cupcakes to Sushi-YUM
Sweet little Alphabet tags I ordered from Etsy and I sandwiched them in between glass and framed them in black. A vintage telephone that actually rings, Plastic fruit and a Wonderful Piece of art called "Entertaining Angels" from one of my Favorite Etsy Artists called Arian-Visit her here My Amazingly Precious G-baby who loves to pretend.

Her Sweet Beautiful little Sister that
has forever changed our Hearts!

A sign above the door as you Leave & a Wonderful message of Hope

The little Cottage complete with flower box ,a mail box
and a black bird perched on top.


Tracie said...

oh, i want one!

tracy hanson said...

Thank you so much Tracie!

sallee said...

So cute!! My hubs built one for our girls...I had visions of dollies and tea parties...they made it into a 'reptile' house with frogs/snakes/toads/ our little Esther and Solomon do play in it... still have those 'visions'....... This so inspires me to get out the and 'fix' it!! after all the POPPY DIPS are done :)
blessings, Sallee

tracy hanson said...

So Sweet Sallee! We are loving our Poppy Dips!

{B} said...

So cute mom!

The Dixon Family Adoption~Join The Journey said...

Too cute!! I love the colors our house is red and sage green...I will to get my 5 boys a few tools and get them to work before we bring home our sweet babies from Ethiopia!!

I think that I am addicted to your jewelry. I keep looking at it and thinking I need another one!! ;o) I'll let you know if I figure out which one!!

tracy hanson said...

Hi Tricia,
Thank you so much for your Sweetness, I would love to create for you again anytime!

stash said...

I am beyond words. What a great little world you have created!

tracy hanson said...

Thanks so much Crystal! I am sewing this weekend with my Stash Pretties I got from you.

mysweetbirds said...

If only people were able to see this GEM live and in person as I have been lucky enough to do. Your talents are truely limitless and words cannot explain how happy I am to call you my friend!

tracy hanson said...

Oh SweetBirds-I am so very Blest to have You as a Friend Too! You are one of my favorite Crafty Chicas!